What is manpuku veggie?

Japanese food is full of delicious veggies and we want to share our love and passion for vegetables with foodies from all around the world.

We will take you to the newest trendy eateries as well as classy traditional places where you can enjoy deep taste and rich flavors of delicious veggie dishes.

Discover secrets of Japanese umami and learn why vegetables are so important for Japanese food culture.

With our how to series, you will feel like home in Japan, wherever you are on long stay or just visiting.

Manpuku comes from Japanese meaning happy, full and satisfied with your meal.

We hope you will enjoy delicious world of Japanese veggies from all your heart with us.

Manpuku veggie team


Best places to enjoy veggies in Japan野菜がおいしいお店

  • CORI.

  • 和のかし 巡

  • プレマルシェ・ジェラテリア

How to eat series日本料理の食べ方

  • How to eat veggie tempura?天ぷらが食べたいあなたへ

  • Are there veggie
    ramen shops in Japan?菜食のラーメン屋ってあるの?

Articles about Japanese
food culture日本の食文化と担い手のストーリー

Must try local veggies in Japan日本でぜひ食べてほしい野菜

And many more coming soon!乞うご期待!